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International Apostolic Family Federation/Union of Schoenstatt

The International Apostolic Federation/Union of Schoenstatt families is the international association of independent teritorial organized communities of the Schönstatt family federation




On 1-5 August 2012, 250 people (80 families) participated in a retreat called „Megarekolekcje” /”Megaretreat”- organised by Family Federation of Schoenstatt in Poland  in  ST. ANNA’S MOUNTAIN (Góra Świętej Anny).

To this wide-known place of St .Anna's worship came families united in  all ten courses of   Family Federation of Schoenstatt in Poland.




The swiss federation of Schönstatt families meet family Marini from the international leadership in Melchtal (Obwaldnen)

On April 9th, Padre Marian Wyrzykowski invited the swiss federation of families to meet him at Melchtal. At Kanton Obwalden, seven families of the swiss family federation meet Ramon und Marité from the international leadership of apastolic Schönstatt family federation. Family Marini is from Paraguay.


After the conceivable round, Padre Marian acted as translator to break the language barrier, Family Marini demonstrated with a presentation the formation and current deployment of the internatonal family federation.


We were exchanging our experience while drinking coffee and eating cake. Gladly we keep in mind this very nice meeting, the solidarity and the valuable thoughts we could share with family Marini. Special thanks to the host and translator Pater Marian for making this possible.


Written for the swiss ferderton of Schönstatt families, Rita and Franz Schuler

Thought exchangment at the living room of Padre Marian
Participants of the meeting




Family Marini's visit to Poland.

Ramon and Marité Marini from Paraguay, the leading family of the International Apostolic Federation of Families, visited Poland between 2nd and 5th June 2011.





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New International Leadership Elected

Today, day oft he festivity oft he Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin, the 3rd General Chapter of the International Schoenstatt-Family Federation elected a new international leadership for a period of 6 years. The leadership team consists oft he following couples:

1. Rosa Maria and Josef Wieland, Germany, leader couple
2. Flávia and Tomás Santos, Brasil, 1st counselors and and deputy couple
3. Manuela and Helmut Baumgartner, Austria, 2nd counselors
4. Margarita and Alcides González, Paraguay, 3rd counselors



The Teritories of the International Apostolic Family Federation/Union of Schoenstatt

 .     USA   Mexico   Puerto Rico             Portugal       Spain     Schwitzerland    Germany      Poland  Czech Republic  Austria    Hungary

 .       Ecuador   Chile    Argentina     Paraguay     Brazil                South Africa




The International Schoenstatt Family Federation is a catholic family community of leader married couples, modern, apostolically capable, with lay autonomy, organized to participate with all the Schoenstatt Work in the Marian transformation of the world in Christ.  more...

History of the International Apostolic Family Federation of Schönstatt

The Family Federation has its origin in the Covenant of Love that Father Joseph Kentenich (1885 – 1968) sealed with the Blessed Mother in the Schoenstatt Shrine on October 18, 1914.  Father Kentenich is the founder of the universal Apostolic Movement of Schönstatt, to which numerous and diverse communities belong, to with different level of commitment of its members, but all of them incorporated to the structure of the Movement and stimulated by a common mission.  more...


The Apostolic Family Federation is a community of married couple leaders, free, effective, modern and apostolic, liable and inserted in the world, whom in intimate union with the Church, and in the spirit of the Evangelical Counsels, is inspired by the family charisma of our Founder and struggles for the Marian transformation of the world in Christ.  more...