Family Marini's visit to Poland.


Ramon and Marité Marini from Paraguay, the leading family of the International Apostolic Federation of Families, visited Poland between 2nd and 5th June 2011. They offered to continue taking care of the Polish Federation on its way to gain autonomy.Programme of the visit:Thursday, 2nd June, saw the evening meeting with federation animators of Warsaw-based courses. People from courses willing to contribute to the efforts towards autonomy were also present.

Personal consultations of the leading family with spiritual assistants took place on Friday, 3rd June, in the morning. In the afternoon the small group parted for Bydgoszcz. Unforgettable moments took place at the Shrine, where the Marinis took part in the Holy Mass, celebrated for the first time by eight newly ordained priests from Bydgoszcz Diocese.

The Mass was followed by information meeting with all interested from Schoenstatt communities grouped around the Shrine (Sanctuarium Fidentiae).

Meeting with members of the Board of the Federation of Schoenstatt Families, course animators and all those willing to contribute to the efforts towards autonomy, took place on Saturday morning, in the House of the Queen of Unity in Kolankowo.

At 1:00 p.m., Father Mirosław Żabnicki celebrated the Holy Mass which was followed by the meeting of Ramon and Marité Marini with Federation families from northern Poland and courses based in Bydgoszcz. We prayed for "God's blessing and the Queen's of Unity care for the autonomy of the Federation of Schoenstatt Families in Poland, which is meant to be the gift of the Federation family for the Centenary of Schoenstatt Work.” The meeting was held in a very warm and hearty atmosphere. Mr and Mrs Marini were informed of our experiences on the way to autonomy and presented us the current situation of the Federation of Families in the world.

 The meeting was concluded by Father Mirosław's blessing at the Cross of Unity in Kolankowo.

The final act of the visit was a meeting with the Family Academy in Józefów on Sunday, after which our guests flew from Warsaw to Spain.

Marek and Barbara Jędrzejewski
1-st course in the Poland - the Family of Unity

Translation: Rafał and Jagoda Kabaciski